QQBola88 Moment

The Bola QQBola88 you know nowadays have different facts from long time ago because this game reflects the society and also classes in middle age.


The Important Moment of Bola QQBola88


Perhaps, some people are curious to know the meaning and also history behind 52 cards which are used when you play Bola QQBola88. Back then, some historians always connected cards to society or classes in middle age. Overall, the facts about this game are so unique because it is not only about the game but also about life because there are many untold stories you need to know about it.


What are Important Moment of Bola QQBola88 Game


You know if some of Bola bola88 casino  cards have images of kings and queens there. The cards also consist of 4 different symbols in 2 colors only. The fact is, every symbol on the card represents the Kings in middle age. The club in black color represents Alexander the Great. Meanwhile, the spade in black color represents David which was the King of Israel. The diamond in red color represents Julius Caesar and hearts in red color represents the King of France which was Charlemagne and of course, other pictures on it represent the important people there.


During the journey of this card game, some bad and good stories are found. Back then, there was a famous term which is called “Dead Mans Hand”. This name appeared when Jack McCall shot Wild Bill Hickock while Hickock was playing card game and holding Aces and Eights in two pair. After that incident, this term was so popular.


Soon after that, more terms were created because there were so many incidents related to Bola QQBola88 and one story is always remembered by the society for long time.