Bola88 Trivia

Bola Bola88 is not only home game you can play with friends and families because this is the worldwide game that has long history and unique facts.


Bola Bola88 Facts Around The World


During the development, the most popular card game in the world creates many stories which will be remembered by most people. Bola Bola88 is not a little kid because this is the ancient game which is older than your age right now. During its development, it is normal if you gain so many stories and facts about this game. Though it doesn’t have any relation to your game, it is better for you to know.


Bola Bola88 Trivia: Know The Facts of It


As you know, some theories related to this game are too many. Though it is popular in America, Bola Bola88 was played back in China in 900 A.D for the first time though the name was the derivation from French language since this game was brought from France to the land of America. Since then and during the tournament of WSOP, king of Bola Bola88 is born one by one. There was once professional player named Phil Ivey who took Andy Beal who was the billionaire around $16 million dollars more over the head to head for 3 days in Las Vegas.


After the competition and Beal left Vegas, Beal never played this game again. You know if this game uses standard English deck and French was the one which introduced every suit on the card. However, those symbols were not just picture but those had meanings. Those represent 4 classes of men.


Hearts for Clergy, Clubs for Peasants, Diamonds for Merchants and Spade for Nobility. Though now there is no class in the society, but Bola link alternatif bola88 cards still reflect the long history behind.